Everyone, business or individual, is welcome to sell on IdeaFeX. At launch, we offer marketplace services commission-free; this means that neither listing fee nor success fee is charged.

We have taken this decision because our primary goal is to introduce product futures as a new consumption model backed by distributed ledger technologies. For traditional products, therefore, we are taking an approach different than existing marketplaces. Some unique characteristics are noteworthy:


While we do not charge any commission for selling with us, we do invite sellers to concede some of their savings to consumers / buyers in order to build the community with us together. It is not mandatory to do so, though to many businesses and individual sellers this may also be the economically expedient option in the short-term (with higher gross margins despite lower price) and long-term (by leveraging product futures and agile operations) alike.


Sellers are encouraged to explicitly explain your sales and returns policies in each listing and provide means with which buyers can reach you directly. Since we are a marketplace, each seller is responsible for gaining the trust of consumers.


We will offer premium listing options in the future. We intend this to affect search rankings.

Further, sellers with good records will be the first ones allowed to sell product futures. To understand more on the benefits of product futures, please read our White Paper as well as other pertinent pages.


We will continually update our software to offer an experience comparable to leading e-commerce marketplaces. Nevertheless, we are a small team and our primary aim is to introduce product futures to the world. If and when our software malfunctions, please inform us and thereby help us improve.