We build IdeaFeX as the marketplace for tokenized real-world goods & assets. Two sources of inefficiencies disrupt resource allocation in our economy, namely inflexible flow of goods and assets and deep divide between financing and operations. As a solution, we present an easily-navigable marketplace empowered by distributed ledger technology and our unique auction method. Serving real-world product futures and fixed assets, we allow for a range of business model innovations as well as new investment and consumption models.

IdeaFeX is agile: Tokenization of real-world goods (product futures) empowers sellers with the option to pre-sell goods and services before production. Unlike traditional “crowdfunding”, product futures also allow buyers to trade easily among themselves, thus making the integration between consumption and investment a possibility—in fact, a consumer may purchase a pre-sold product and later change his / her mind at little cost—if not a small profit. Tokenization of real-world (fixed) assets empowers asset owners with financing options beyond debt- and equity-based alternatives. Investors also enjoy access to these asset-backed assets formerly unavailable to the public.

IdeaFeX is robust: With tokenization, we keep goods and assets independent of our marketplace: The fundamental ownership and cash flow of these purchases or investments will be tenable regardless of the status of our server, providing extra robustness. It also makes listing, trading, tracking, and exchange more cost-effective and tamper-proof. By backing tokenization with real-world goods and assets, IdeaFeX keeps the benefits of traditional applications of blockchain (e.g. crypto assets) and removes the most notable downsides. Additionally, our unique auction method makes the discovery of fair value quick, easy, and low-cost.

IdeaFeX is navigable: Using a familiar e-commerce interface, we make users’ adoption of new opportunities that we present easy. At its core, decades of evolution in marketplaces makes it the best format to drive the dispersion and discovery of information. With the help of smart search and filtering options as well as artificial intelligence (AI), users can more readily identify product futures and fixed assets that work for them.

You can find more on our concept in our White Paper.

In order to bootstrap our operations, we have decided to offer a non-tokenized marketplace first. Please refer to Launch Sequence.